Stone Flooring in Gladstone

MasterClean Total Floorcare LLC’s stone flooring brings timeless decor and long-lasting performance to any room in your Gladstone home or business. Our experienced and qualified staff provides complete assessments and qualified installation of natural stone flooring according to your specific needs.

Selecting Stone and Tile Flooring

Choose from our extensive inventory of natural stone flooring or learn more about superior ceramic tile that looks like stone. MasterClean Total Floorcare LLC offers a range of stone flooring types including exclusive marble stone flooring and marble floor tile from reputable brand name manufacturers. Serving the commercial and residential flooring needs of the Gladstone region for many years, MasterClean Total Floorcare LLC is a leading stone tile company committed to customer satisfaction.

Residential Stone Flooring

Used as a reliable flooring material for centuries due to its superior durability, and timeless beauty, natural stone is unmatched in overall value by any other flooring material. MasterClean Total Floorcare LLC offers a wide range of stone and tile flooring in an array of colors and textures available in a variety of stone flooring types that include:

  • Granite Flooring
  • Limestone Flooring
  • Marble Flooring
  • Slate Flooring
  • Travertine
  • Stone Tiles

Our knowledgeable flooring experts in Gladstone provide a complete inspection of the designated area prior to installation to assess the suitability of subfloor surfaces and to evaluate the need for any repair and moisture protection procedures. MasterClean Total Floorcare LLC stone flooring installers are specially trained and experienced with following industry standards to ensure safety and maximum product performance.

Commercial Stone Flooring

Opt for beautiful natural stone flooring that can stand up to the high-traffic areas at any commercial location in Gladstone. Both stylish and practical, choose stone flooring that is perfect for busy hallways, entrances, lobbies and any commercial gathering space that offers many benefits that include:

Easy Installation Over Existing Concrete – Surface areas are professionally prepped to allow for superior bonding and sealed to prevent moisture damage. MasterClean Total Floorcare LLC’s natural stone floor installations fill, seal and cover gaps, cracks and any other subfloor defects.

Moisture Protection – Our experienced installers use the latest technology that protect stone flooring from trapped moisture and resist mold and mildew.

Long-Lasting and Durable – Natural stone flooring offers maximum durability and strength to stand up to the busiest industrial or commercial environments.

Commercial Stone Flooring is Ideal For:

Office Buildings and Industrial Locations – Easy maintenance and long-lasting, commercial stone flooring adds stylishness to busy business locations in Gladstone.

Restaurants and Retail Spaces – Slip-resistant and available in a variety of colors and textures, MasterClean Total Floorcare LLC’s stone flooring is safe and easy to clean.

Health Care Facilities – Resistant to mold and mildew and available in textures that help to prevent slip and fall accidents, discuss the specific flooring needs of your facility with a MasterClean Total Floorcare LLC flooring specialist today.

Eco-Friendly Stone Flooring

MasterClean Total Floorcare LLC provides sustainable stone flooring and tile products that offer both practical and aesthetic value. We are committed to maintaining a healthier ecosystem with natural tile flooring that meets and surpasses industry standards.

Contact MasterClean Total Floorcare LLC for more information and to schedule a free estimate today!